Sunday, December 13, 2009

No alarm clock...

Last night I went to bed (actually 2 am this morning) and did not set my alarm clock. As I laid down, I thought about all there was to do today, church in the morning, lunch with a friend, then work and after a Christmas party with friends, and wondered if I should set it. I hate nothing more than some machine telling me I should be awake when I am asleep and in sleepy town dream land. (Well that's a lie, there are many other things I hate but that is one of them.) So...I did not set it, thinking that my body would wake me up when I should start my day.

And it did.

(I bet you thought this was going to be one of those "Oh, Crap...I'm late posts! Nope!)

Woke up with a smile on my face and well rested to start another day. I slept with my arms crossed tight on my chest and discovered these interesting hand prints on my chest in the shower. Weird, huh? At least they are starting to fade as I drink my coffee and do my push ups. But for some reason the toes on my left foot are really sore, like they got stepped on, but I did not go dancing last night, so it must be some odd ache from bouncing around on my feet. (I do that alot. Too much coffee or energy I suppose)

Today is going to be great! Just finished packaging my dessert for the part (White Chocolate Chips, Cranberry and Macadamia Nut Squares) and am waking my body up with the morning ritual of calisthenics and treadmill. I hate running indoors, but I'll take it over the weather outside. I still think my Nordic Track was invented by the descendants of those great guys who pulled the Spanish Inquisition on us, but it also makes a great towel rack and clothes valet, so maybe there's something to it.

I am excited that Christopher is coming to church with me this morning. I have been sharing life and time with him ever since we met and I can tell he is looking for truth. The job he has right now is eating him alive, but he finds it hard to say no to it and walk away. God is going to have to handle that one, as I refuse to interfere in someones life without clear direction. We just laid around and talked this morning for a bit real early. Amazing...

The only thing that concerns me at times, is an attraction that seems to be present on both our parts, and I do not want to move in any fashion that takes him away from the truth and faith he seeks. I will not date to save, if that makes sense? I desire to be the true friend he needs, not the one he (and I) think that he wants. It would be alot easier if he wasn't so smoking hot! I know the best thing to do, is always include him in my group stuff and keep our time alone careful and intentional. We have talked at length at where the boundaries in our friendship are, which is alot better than leaving it to chance. I am a weak guy, and prone to falling, and that would hinder and damage the ministry I could be to him. Remember that, Daemon. Don't come back here later with a bad story and a bag of excuses...mkay?

Got some new clothes to wear, so that makes me happy and also just pulled a favorite pair of jeans out of the dryer. Why is it, that jeans, straight from the laundry fit so well, and feel so good? It is going to be a whirlwind of a day! I've got miles to go before I sleep...

In reference to my last post...I am adjusting and learning to understand myself and others. I think that people in my life mean well, but they are struggling at times to express themselves, just as much as I am floundering trying to understand them. I refuse to read evil intent into their words and actions. If that is their motive, so be it. I will not sink to their level. Rise above, sailor man. Behold...the power of the wind.

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  1. You write so well....very relaxing actually. It's like sitting down with a nice cup of coffee when I read your blog.