Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Musings since Snow

Morning broke with an amazing blaze of light. Newly fallen snow blanketed silently the ever familiar forms of this place I call home. A hush, never broken, and calm seemed to call me to expectancy.

Something is happening...wait for it...yes.

This is peace.

Rest man child. Cease your fumblings and strainings.

Look and and listen. Open your eyes and ears, but be still.

Put your head down on my chest and listen to my heart.

In the quiet...I am here.

Greater love has no man than this...

Portents of a new day full of the bustle and activity that all too often follows this holiday season. In my body I still feel some ache and tightness from everything undertaken this week, the good and the bad, but all in all, I feel excellent! Living well and taking care of this physical gift has done well by me. In my life at times, I have wished for another, or a difference, but as time goes by, I find myself appreciating and loving the one I have. Everyone else has seemed to enjoy it, but we always want something different than us. Is it odd that I still consider myself a small guy? My eyes tell me different, being over 6 feet tall, but inside of it, I still feel like the little child at times. Must be a head space I live in. Looking of a man, feeling of a boy. Grow me up.

Trimming more Christmas trees today! I look forward to spending time at church with family and friends, sharing life and making things look beautiful for others. I get a charge out a decorating that is similar to finishing construction projects or working on my cars. I guess arranging flowers can feel as good as a great bonfire? I think contentment and happiness is oten found in diverse activities, but it still impacts us the same, and "feels" the same inside.

Eh...rambling...kind of normal for me I guess.

It is almost time for coffee...but after sleeping in today (morning off) I just don't want to get out of my jammies. Rag wool socks feel like sweaters for my feet and this crushed fleece hoodie and flannel pants just might be the uniform of the day? I can pull some ski pants and goretex over it all and bundle off on errands. I'll just call it my base layer for a comfy day...yeah! Its a working pajama day. I like it and declare it so!

Input and emails from friends and strangers. So many words pointed at me. Questions needing answers, people reaching out. How to keep up with it all and still retain some space for me? I think ministry can be this simple at times. Kind words finding questioning hearts. The presence of a friend at an event, just for support and love being near. We all need each other, sometimes when words are not enough. I pray that I am present for my friends as they are for me. The gathering of men, the nearness of being, often helps us through swift water, even when words are not exchanged. I will be there for you, will you be there for me?

Hmm...need to get this day going! Day light is burning. I have much to write about, but need to sift the thoughts through the winnow of the day, burn off the dross and distill what is truly running like still water underneath.

Oh...and SHOPPING! :) I hate it when my car is dirty, maybe switch to the truck today?

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