Monday, December 28, 2009 I come!

Another week has begun and while open now is soon filling up....grrrrr Great coffee this morning with a friend and some questions asked that still are to be answered. Contact is good, makes thing seem more solid and transparent. How strange to see Jeff Adamsthere this morning as well. Like shades of the past... Serendipity I suppose?

Days are for working, nights are for? Big conference all week that I was invited to this morning by Stephen. Not sure how much of that I will participate in, given my current frame of mind and life. Still need to catch up with Jeff, since I had to miss his holiday party (Sorry man...) but family calls strong.

Church on Sunday went well, thought and wrote alot as Deth spoke and a new short term list of goals is coming together. Lunch with Michael at Sharps and then wandering around the city we went. was cold. Should have told him now nice he looked. Coffee...then tea...then home to sit and relax. Simply talking and sharing time was nice. Simple. So glad to have the matter weighing heavy on my conscience cleared off. Honesty and openness is always the best policy. Remember that Daemon! After leaving (too early) home to family for yet another Christmas thing...those are finally over...I think?! So happy to see siblings, friends and family just mingling and getting along well. No awkward questions yet...thank God!

So many free nights this to fill them wisely? I am going to take one day at a time and let my decisions be productive and not wasteful. Intentional living is the motto of the week. Think and make sound decisions always with an eye on the immediate and long term future.

Well, it's time to pull the jeans out of the dryer, shed comfort and venture back out into my life again. The repose and rest was nice while it lasted! This is going to be a Great Day!

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