Friday, December 4, 2009

Yawn and Stretch!

Wow...another night of dead to the world sleep! I think this is a direct result of a clean conscious, nothing intruding, bothering, worrying or convicting me. Not a care in the world on waking up. Just laying in the sun and stretching till every chord and sinew in my body vibrated with its own simple thrumming tune. That ever happen to anyone else?

Last night at small group was interesting. We went over Deth's message last Sunday and then practiced Lectio Divina. During that, we read aloud the same passage of scripture 6 different times, paired into couples, male then female. After each reading we reflect, think upon and share the different thoughts, emotions and then actions something found prompts us too. While it may seem a bit liturgical, it is amazing what examining ourselves before the Scripture reveals. So personal and communal at the same time. While at first, I felt out of place with these people from church, I am finding my niche, or spot. How different we are all. Most of them are married with kids, lives more complex beyond my imaginings, but I too have something to share from my perspective. They have never lived a life like mine either.

Today will be interesting I am sure. The sun is out, music sounds super awesome and I am getting ready for a run and workout. Coffee fills the air with its rich morning perfume and all is well with the world. All too often I get caught up in complicated scenarios when each day, life could be this simple, if I would let it be. My body feels and looks good today. It is amazing what a good diet, exercise and sleep will do for ones physical plant. I rejoice in the body fantastic today!

I will have to miss dinner with Stephen tonight, unless by some stroke of luck they let me off the schedule. Being ok with that I am. Hope all is well with those whose eyes grace this page at some random time. If you have found your way are loved. If you seek for answers, I pray you find. While looking for love, never neglect to look up...and out. Peace.


  1. Damon,

    That piece of writing has to be one of the most positive things I've read in a long time. Peace looks good on you, brother.


  2. I'm so glad everything is going to well for you! Good life, friend. Right now everything is really busy and stressed out for me, but it really gives me a good feeling inside to hear it's going well for you.