Friday, September 11, 2009

Auspicious Timing!

Good Morning Strangers,

How apt it was to find myself in the process of starting my post-Luddite excursion into the realm of electronic medium, when all points stop! I receive a message from a friend that literally stuns me with its content and wisdom. Rarely my inner dialogue fails me when confronted with anothers thoughts, but powerful this was.

While I won't elucidate, suffice it to say, it was much needed. Such words were penned for such a time as this...or some such noble tripe? You kick ass man! Thanks for the shot in the arm of encouragement. Good news from a far place are like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

I find it much easier to begin my words here and simply let the beginning of my story find its way to the present, all the better to illuminate and color the future. My past years ramblings have always been captured by ink and paper, to be stored on shelves, tucked into boxes, given to friends or strangers, or lost, while someway barely through their pages. Those interesting and sometimes puzzling books will not end, but merely be augmented by the thoughts captured here.

That being said in a somewhat formal tone(being used for some reason or not?) I slip back to my normal voice and say it was a long day. Sleep finds me soon, after a brief walk outside and quick perusal of the sky. Peaceful it is here tonight. My body aches comfortably from heavy things lifted and the quick moving of itself over distances. To be younger again...but time waits for no man. Least of all me.

Events today made me smile broadly, feel incredible joy in being alive, whistle while I walked and also a few tears from wistfulness and nostalgia, that for the life of me, I am a sucker for. I also saw beauty today and kindness. It is good.


  1. As I have decided your blog needs more exploring, I find myself at Post One - The Beginning. I am surprised to find no one has ever made a comment here, so I will. You have made 581 posts since this one. You have entered your fourth year of blogging and I have just recently discovered you. It will take me awhile, but I plan on reviewing your progress starting from here... this I expect will be very enlightening as what I have found from your latest posts have all been so. I am thankful you began, and have continued this journey for me to find. Max

  2. Thank you, Max. You have inspired me to go back and read my own words, something I never do, here or in my journals. Welcome and hello...again! :)


  3. Glad I could be a good influence - may it pay off with Joy as you review. Race to the current post? Ready set GO...