Monday, September 21, 2009


Moonlight wailing, and sandman surfers in a blue sky.
Always a red ball beating against more than just brick,
Seems to say all that is written there is prose.

Oh cup of Joe, if you will, makes a simple heart heraldry
And always the clash of Titans, in my heart and head.
Where have you been, my Huckleberry friend?

Maudlin days turn over Tuesdays with a hint of rain before.
I keep checking a wrist worn watch for something more than time.
It is you, and me, that waits. Wistfully...?

Always happily tripping past the bespoke suits that lie of comfort.
Will you be my two times friend? I'll give you my best.
Rushing on as all stands still, I'll keep questioning for more.

It is enough and thanks for smiling. My heart bigger grows.
Fertile ground you filled with something more than love?
This is how the brotherhood of man goes.

Thanks be.

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