Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Change in the air

And you thought I was talking about coins! So many things in life are becoming different. It looks like the company has made its decision and I am no longer employed. In some ways this is fantastic, in other ways it is a complete let down. I am disappointed that they don't feel they need me anymore. Great news is, I have an interview tomorrow and may be moving into a new position and field this next week! Man, that was fast. I will have to see what the offer is, though beggars cant afford to be choosers. I am glad I learned to save at an early age.

Many things on my mind and its a beautiful day! Cool and crisp fall air is coming and a new lease on life! Such a contrast from the lows and gray gloom of yesterday. It seems as if the patterns of the last 3 years are drawing to a close and this new adventure is beckoning. New friends, changing church, different habits and positive things and people in my life. Breaking the repetitive habits that were bringing me confusion and turmoil is healing. I was living the definition of insanity and spending my way to smiles. Things don't satisfy, they merely distract.

Another trip this weekend is coming and a game to watch on Sunday. Looks to be a good week. I read through some old journals last night and reflected on where I have been and how my attitude and outlook on life has changed over the last few years. Definitely different things. Reaching out has been cathartic, scary but calming all at the same time. To have friends, one has to be friendly. I'm tired of being a stranger and am ready to throw myself into new places. I just need to keep the communication going and not shut down when I get anxious or scared. I hope this new position allows me the freedom of time to get more involved at church. So many ifs...

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