Friday, September 25, 2009

Road Trip!

We are off for St. Louis! My Dad, Mom and I to attend the State Meeting of the National Mayflower Society. It will more than likely be as fun as it sounds, though I have tended to enjoy meeting and greeting with the society types.

Man, if only we had decided upon a Monarchy here in the U.S. As the 13th direct decedent of William Bradford of Plymouth Colony, mayhaps I would have a title and be a part of the landed gentry. Would Crown Prince be too much to ask? But I kid...

This weekend should be interesting to say the least. I have noted a distinct power struggle in the Society since my Dad became both the Governor and State Historian. Hopefully a few drinks and cooler heads will prevail?

I am looking forward to church this Sunday, and hanging out with Stephen and some of his friends. Only time will tell how involved I will be in church this fall. I am thinking an open schedule and mind is better than an airtight one and shyness.

The car is here to pick us up, so I must be away...but I refuse to dress up! Okay, maybe slightly to please the family and keep up appearances. Shabby chic prep might do the trick? I'll fill in the details later. Happy traveling!

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  1. Daemon,

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    Have a great time at the conference, even if you don't get to bear the title of prince.