Friday, September 11, 2009

A new day!

Hello Stranger,

Woke up this morning and stepped outside to a beautiful day. Those morning moments in the sun often set the tone for how my hours will pass. Body feels good, though a bit sore. It is something I have taken for granted all these years. Getting back into my exercise and fitness reminds me of the physical highs I used to get in the Navy while training. I guess I have been living inside my head too much?

Checking mail, replying to messages and cruising for my news always gets me going. It is amazing to me the patterns in life that I fall into. While at times I detest change, I spend most of my free time looking for something new? Information, entertainment, passion...all these things bring promise of change, but when it occurs, it still takes me by surprise? I can feel something inside me waking up from that slumber that all too often grips one in the monotony of daily life.

I have found at times that these moments of clarity often follow an event, or a lack of sleep, or time of stress, but they have been occurring more frequently now without those foreshadowings . I welcome them, but wonder what changes are occurring in my heart and soul? Life is becoming more real, and I am spending more time looking out of me, than within myself.

This weekend is full of tasks, some which call me away from what I would rather be doing. Thus is the responsibility fulfilled. Doing what one has to, or must do, first, seems to be the domain of men. It is certainly time for that in my life. The perpetual adolescent life I have lived seems to be waining more each day. Life is not composed of an abundance of things or people. Measure it in a different way.

A thought crosses my mind. Don't worry about what other people think...they don't do it that often.

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