Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sex, Coffee and Conversation

Eh...before you get all worked up, I didn't have any sex today, with friends or strangers, but it was on my mind and the topic of conversation tonight at my local coffee shop.

Today was pretty uneventful besides the fantastic weather and freakin' awesome time I had driving around the lakes and parks with the top down!

But back to the coffee shop...each afternoon and night, I tend to swing by and spend a bit of time just taking it all in. This local haunt has been with me since my teenage days and holds alot of memories and energy in my life. Each momentous occasion on my journey can always be linked to a visit and so many journal entries have been penned there over the years. This was actually the place I met Melissa, first heard and listened to the Gospel and got started in this new journey! Man...I love that place, but I am wandering.

I've been switching it up a little lately, from my usual quad espresso and iced tea, so it keeps throwing the guys and girls off when I show up, but change is good right? After I settled in on the patio, I started listening to tonight's convo and ended up talking to many new people and some old friends. No matter when you go, there are always the usuals around, and believe me, some of these guys and girls have been around the coffee shop as long as I have. Some of us even go back to the Planet Cafe days! (another local coffee shop I grew up in, gay owned operated...RIP...now closed...grrrrrr)

Oh...and FC was there...hmmm ( guy I have had a crush on since I was 16 yo, only have had the courage to talk to him once in life...only guy that has ever affected me like that, we always cross paths, share space, but we have a comfortable silence, and yes, this has been going on for years...literally)

Tonight was about relationships, love, sex, diversity...pretty par for the course, but I payed attention more, instead of throwing my ideas out there first. I am single right now, which is really odd for me, having been in a relationship of some type since I was 11 yo. Listening I realized, everybody wants the same stuff. To be loved, needed, nurtured, protected, valued, trusted, shared, touched, enjoyed. We are not meant to be alone. God said...it was not good that man was alone, and I agree with Him! We are relational beings, and are meant to share this life with someone else on an intimate and daily level.

So about sex, we got around to that, and I love having frank and open conversations with people who are educated and experienced in life. But the only thing different in each person's conversation were the pronouns. He or She...those are your options. Now you can compound this or complicate it any way you want...but the choice is the same. What's your flavor? Sex is sex, love is love, it is all the same. Two humans are involved...well at least two...ya freaks! We just relate and love differently. There is so much diversity in hetero relationships. Is it too much to ask for some openness and tolerance with us homo's?

I had a great drive home thinking about it all. The input, the opinions and believe me, there were some opinions! I get tired of having to "prove" that I am gay. So I don't fit your idea of a gay man! Get over it...especially you chicks! Anyway...life is good and tomorrow looks to be another kick ass day!

Special thanks for the emails and comments I have received here. Input is always needed and appreciated. Later all...

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