Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Day and Sketch

Another cool and crisp Fall day. The world seems full of promise. Life does not come with a contract. It is up to us to see that our choices each day bring good things into action.

I am not sure how I feel at the moment. Shades of smiles seem to flit on my face and I wonder what the future holds?

Tonight will be full of friends and fun. A hopeful strain of optimism in in the air. Yesterday's musings are over and something new will be upon me before I know it.

How will I number these days? It seems as if time is speeding up, moving faster each hour. I hope for truth and peace.

Care furrows my brown, even as my mouth breaks into laughter. Somehow I will lay these burdens down and move forward.

1 comment:

  1. Daemon... I just got your post on my blog. I want to say thank you, for your compassion. I will never turn back encouragement, as it feels like i often need it... Your words are deeply appreciated, and your sympathy means so, so much. thank you sir. Hope to talk to you soon, newly acquainted brother.