Thursday, October 1, 2009

Decision Time

Today was fantastic and a journey of simple faith! To make a long story short, I interviewed at another amazing company and they made me an offer. I would have my own laboratory and clean room and be working with some cutting edge electronics technology on the chemical manufacturing side. There was also international travel involved and quite a sizable boost to the already generous income I have enjoyed the last five years.

And I had to say...No, thank you.

This last week I made a simple decision, prior to this offer, that whatever my career path may be taking now, I would honor the commitments made to my spiritual growth. The last five years, this has suffered due to my incredibly complex schedule and enormous work load in terms of projects, lack of staffing, and hours logged. Last year alone, I put in over 560 hours of over time. That was an extra 14 weeks of work!

Enough is enough. The schedule they offered me would take me away from church, give me no time for being involved in ministry and crush some of the new Christian friendships I am making and building. This was a hard decision given the current economic climate, but I know that I am not to lay up my treasure here in earth, where moth and dust corrupts, or thieves break in and steal. I need to lay up treasure in heaven, invest in eternal things. The only two things that will last forever is God's Word and the souls of men. This is where my heart lies.

For the last five years I have pursued money, materialism and future security, and I did a damn good job at it. I spent and saved. I acquired and enjoyed. I gave generously to those in need and to ministry, and somehow used that to appease my conscious for the lack of growth and surrender I refused to partake in. I can't buy happiness. Many of the "friends" I had were simply there for the free ride. was fun Yes...I could keep doing it. Yes...I love having and keeping and enjoying fine things...but at what cost?

Strangely enough...I have total peace. Tomorrow I will reject the offer officially and in writing and continue on this journey that God has started. My life goals are changing. It is no longer about stepping onto my boat and sailing the world. I want what He wants. Amazing...just freaking amazing. God is good, His mercy endures forever.

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