Saturday, October 31, 2009


Up and early this morning for a full day! My favorite month of the year closes with the night, but it is going to be a blast!

So many things planned and good stuff to do and eat, and for once we have clear skies and sun on Halloween! It almost doesn't seem right?

I have to admit I may be running off a full nights sleep and endorphins, but I am loving today! A word of caution to myself though is in order. Don't let the pumpkin ale win...

Keeping my wits about me today is going to be a priority. The last way I need to start a new month is in bed with some cute guy from the party! While it would be nice, that's not where my life is going. Keep me safe tonight God. Let me see friends as you do...

Hoping everyone has an awesome holiday and doesn't eat or drink to much! Later all...

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  1. "Let me see friends as you do..."

    Wow, how wonderful to read that. M