Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am Female Illiterate, Girl Handicapped!

Got a call this morning to join a new friend for lunch. Glad that I said yes...we ended up talking for four hours! We were all over the place and I was glad to hang out with someone who as much to say as I do at times. Connecting with people has become something I am getting more used to as time goes by. These authentic friendships and open communication about what is going on in our lives is so important to our growth as community and also to our emotional and mental health. It was kind of good to download a bit of our lives on each other and for me to find acceptance in another person who truly loves God and wants what is best for our lives.

Oh...and it was a girl.

I know, weird huh? Since when does Daemon talk to girls? I must say it has been the longest and most honest conversation I have had with a female in the last 10 years...and I am not kidding about that. Women, females, girls, them, they...have had no place in my life. I have never been open to the possibility that they would make good friends. They almost just didn't exist to me. If I spotted one, my eyes went elsewhere...eh...a girl. I did not engage them in conversation and tended to just avoid them whenever possible.

That is not normal.

At all.

So, I am just announcing that I am open to the possibility that I can be friends with a girl. I guess that I might have to surrender my He-Man Woman Haters Club Card, but I think I might be OK with that? We shall see.

It really makes me wonder why I was so hyper-masculinated my whole life? My entire social, emotional, spiritual and physical life this far has always revolved around men, male activities, and just being one of the guys. What is that all about? I just never even considered or studied them(females) and almost had an opinion that they were another species. If there weren't guys involved, I wasn't interested. Good movie? What guy is in it? Where are we going? What guys will be there? Everything about the male....always.

Also...not normal.

I don't have an opinion on this yet, because I really haven't had time to think it out. It has been pointed out before that I have some kind of female issues, but I always just dismissed that idea. I do not know if it is misogyny or fear or what?

This will take some time to wrap my head around, but I am welcome to any and all comments! Any other guys out there also not interact with females? Any tips, concerns or help is MUCH APPRECIATED!

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  1. For me it has always been the opposite - many female friends, no male friends (not even gay ones). Women seem to flock to me. Men seem unapproachable (or I seem that way to them). I would love to have male friends, gay or straight.