Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today will be OK. The thoughts and questions that come are simply part of the process. This will all make me stronger. I am learning. There will be more days like this as I grow. I can accept that this is the best place for me in life. I chose to not worry about the things that I cannot control. I will have peace.

Hanging on...that is what I am doing. I might not make it any higher on the rock face today, but I am not falling. I am in a good place. The view is fantastic and I have come through some rough things unscathed. The best is yet to come. Now to simply make my belief match reality. So many things are changing, but that is a good thing. I can find good in it all. Trust myself, my decisions and God for all the areas that seem to confusing to organize. This is all easier said than done, but I need to see it in black and white. There is no calamity, no drama, no hurt, no pain, no error. Life simply is.

I can do this.

I can.

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