Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Art and ramblings...

Today is beautiful! Another fall day for living and enjoying the simple things that make me smile. Life without the burdens of a hectic schedule seems to suit me, though the idle time in between the hours sometimes leave me at a place where good decisions must be made.

After waking today, my first thought turned to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, so I will take myself there. Not sure what to expect, but then one never does when confronting others idea of reality. To wander a bit and look will do my soul well.

The top will be off, the wind at my back and the sun in my face. Today will end better than the last few I hope. It is going to be okay. I am loved, forgiven and free.

It is odd how I had to consult my watch to figure out what day it was. Is it so hard to keep track of time? What will my life find me doing a month from now? What does a new success look like? Every time things change, I seem to be made over again. So many starts, so many successful finishes. I am content today to just be...


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