Friday, November 6, 2009


Last night was great! Spent time with people in my small group from Jacob's Well. Got there a little early, so was able to talk with Dave before everyone showed up. Come to find out he was a student teacher at my private school, back when I was a freshman in high school...very small world.

As life gets simpler, I am becoming more happy and relaxed with the movement and change around me. Spent time in studying last night and the three phrases that caught my eye were "come home", "go home" and "walked out in full view of all the others". More on that later, but I see that direction and calling right now for my life.

The picture is of "Egg Alley",neat story there as well...when I get the chance, so much to write about.

Tonight is First Friday! An evening of art, music, friends, good food and enjoying life. Time to get a move on, so I will try to explain a bit more later.

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