Thursday, November 26, 2009

Morning Thanks

Just woke up and simply laid there in the sun this morning. Long lazy stretches that pop my toes and ankles and languidly thinking about my life and day as my mind comes back to the surface. Good morning World!

Yawns keep stretching my face, but everything about my body and mind feels good today. It is cool clean and crisp outside and man, I love these flannel pants and my cozy fleece lined hoodie! So much to do, but just enough time to think and thank.

I am not sure what today will bring. There will be so many people, from such different areas of my life gathering together to celebrate. How will they get along? What will they think or intuit about each other. How will our lives and loves become different after time spent?

Family and friends are gathering and today promises love and happiness. I hope Stephen got David to the airport this morning on time, but there was no way I was getting up at 4 am to drive out there with them. Mark is still sleeping and the morning gives me a bit of space to check back up on my life and put down a few words.

I am thankful that I am me.

That may sound odd, narcissistic or proud, but I mean it. I wouldn't be anyone else. This body, this mind and everything that goes along with it. I love me! Each challenge and fight in my life has led me to this day, and I am truly blessed no what the matter. I never thought this is who I would be, never thought that God could work so much but am thankful and grateful that He rescued me.

I think back on a Thanksgiving four years ago. Woke up at the beach house with Kyle in my arms, his hair tickling my nose and spent the day with his family at the beach in a very non-traditional holiday. While I still love and miss him, and still long for that city on the sea and know life will take me back there someday, I am thankful to be back home. My home. If home is where the heart is...then I am home. That day, a phone call from the water's edge is all my family got from me. So much distance and space had been created by my life, but today welcomes me back!

I may be single, but that is okay today. I may not be living the life I once had, but I am thankful for this one that God gave me back. The circumstances may have changed...but it is for the better!

To Kyle and all the friends that I don't see around me right now...Happy Thanksgiving. May this day bring you all something that graces your life with unexpected smiles and gratitude in your hearts. Love one another, appreciate the simple. Above all, I pray that you search for truth.

Seek and ye shall find...

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