Friday, November 27, 2009

Today is going to Rock!

The morning going very well! Woke up to a clean house and the smell of fresh laundry. Yesterday was a smashing success and family and friends had a great time. Everyone loved the food, spent a huge amount of time talking and sharing life and love with those around us.

Stephen somehow just fit smoothly into my family, as if he had been around for years...interesting. In fact, as the day flew by, I rarely got to spend time with him myself? My brothers wife and him hit it off (both work in IT) and then in the evening my little sister and him were cozied up on the couch looking at all her pictures from her international travels around the world. I did notice that my dad managed to get him aside for awhile and they seemed in a pretty deep discussion, but wow...everything went awesome! I am glad to see two separate parts of my life come together seamlessly.

While hosting and working, I did not manage to participate in everything around me as I would have liked, but that is the price of service. Sometimes a little extra work goes so far in making those around us comfortable and at home. I love my family. They are a humbling group of people to be around, and the love and grace they radiate to me and others is awesome in its scope. I am proud to be related to them.

Today is going to be nuts...I am sure I will write about it later, but needless to say I am braced for the worst and hoping for the best. Stephen is already up and out for work, Mark is taking it easy for the day, everyone else gets to sleep in and I am off the the Plaza. (shopping district in Kansas City, MO) Here goes nothing!

*note* I am sure to run into my past God, please keep me safe and un-entangled. Let my words be yours, my eyes be pure and my actions righteous. Love...Daemon

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