Thursday, November 5, 2009

Morning Jumble

Woke up with the sun today, and another set of hours begin. How odd it is to change the patterns I have lived with these last 3 years or so. Spent time reading a biography of Heath Ledger last evening after work. God, I still miss that guy.

The words and thoughts that others have and blog about seem so complex and deep. Does my mind run that simply? They ponder deep questions, provoke their readers and simply delve into many topics that I often accept for just being.

Coffee today will be a good thing, but sometimes wonder if this is just another latent addiction? Space I have before the mad hectic pace of this holiday season approaches. Found out that a co-worker is gay, Mick, cute guy. Had to laugh to myself that he still references himself in third person as a "boy". I guess one can't speak to age without knowing, but definitely could see that, he's maybe all of 25?

My left foot hurts from running and my back from not sure what. Maybe stretching and working out today will remedy that. I quick mental inventory leaves me a content feeling that my brain will be operating quite well today. Sometimes I wonder if everything gets booted up right.

How to fill the day with good things? Some music, good food and art is in order I think. Need to dust a car off and take to the roads soon. Am I too solitary in my pursuits? Call Mary later and check the notebook for points of interest of yesterday. Possibly the Colorado trip in August next year with the car club? Too soon to tell I think.

And this weekend it all begins. I am excited at the turn of events. Robin got home to see her brother which is good and B. will be coming home soon. I will find something to write about I am sure, just depends on what hooks my brain.

So many old memories surfaced on last nights walk, as I tread on old paths from years past. Tricky how memory is at times.

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