Sunday, November 8, 2009

A great day...

Today was great, though my mind and body are weary...especially the back part of my body. Woke up with the dawn today and started as I always do. Coffee, sat outside a bit, worked out and then got ready for church. Skipped the coffee shop before service since I was already caffeinated, though sometimes I do double up on the espresso. Went to the 9 am service, so there were alot of new faces and was truly touched and challenged by the man who spoke.

He paused and simply lived a year as Jesus did. His story was touching and inspiring. I was most humbled by how he gave of himself to others and the "why". I have always been a generous guy, but never have my motives been so pure and innocent. I wept as I listened to a man share the simple story of how God impacted his life in a year, and the mercy that had been shown to him, that he extends to others, unconditionally. I will take much away from the words he spoke into my life this morning.

Nailed the coffee shop after service, knew I couldn't skip a whole day without some Broadway Cafe and started reading "The Winter of Our Discontent". Man, I have missed reading John Steinbeck. I still remember the first time I read "The Grapes of Wrath" while I was in Submarine Navigation School in the Navy. That's when me and Hartje were together, memories...His prose and words are so rich in content and loaded with meaning. This will be a good read. God, I miss Hartje sometimes.

Today was a beautiful one to behold in Kansas City, for all too soon the Winters chill will be upon us. But today KICKED ASS! It was 73 degrees and sunny, a slight breeze and a day for shorts and putting the top down. Thanks for that awesome weather! Hopefully it is a good portent of things to come at my new job. There will be some challenges I have already seen, from my peers to the customers I deal with, but I am thankful for the chance to serve again. How strange to be paid so much for so little "work". I had become used to 12 hour days and mind and back breaking work. This will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Suffice it to say, I got to meet my boss' boyfriend/partner tonight. I am not sure how my past will play into my present, as they know me from my involvement in our local politics and community here in Kansas City. How will I go about living a new testimony to a group of guys who "knew me back when"?

I was happy to see Stephen's number on my caller ID and get the message. Talked to him tonight, though I missed him at church today. He is doing well and I am glad to hear the smile back in his voice. I need to make sure he realizes how special he is to me and what a great and dear friend I count him as. Man, God truly has blessed me.

Well, it looks to be a good beginning to a new week and I am excited to see what lies around the corner...hopefully it's not the Devil or some handsome guy, or both.

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  1. "..hopefully not... some handsome guy..."

    Why not some handsome guy?