Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting there!

Last night was well spent at the Keel's party. I will miss them greatly, but am happy to see them going where they are needed to be. New Zealand is an amazing place! It seems strange that the two pastors who mentored me into my faith have now been moved on across the world. Time and space doesn't hold us, merely lets us pass by.

The sun is out today! Yay! Random I know.

Transition is everywhere it seems. My life, church, friends, family. Continual change reminds us we are alive and that time stops for no man.

Hanging in there, that's what I am doing. Each new challenge and circumstance is offering me choices, and I am becoming more intentional about how I handle them, instead of being so reactionary. Using simple, good choices like build a balanced and satisfying life.

I was asked a question by Stephen last night, in a light hearted conversation on the dance floor that suddenly became deep and serious. "Do you know the way out of the Darkness?" It was about how nothing is illuminated, solved, examined or put to rest in the dark...but how it must be brought into the light. The other side of the darkness is reached by stepping into the light. Talking of the black boxes in my life that I store all things in internally. Am I ready to examine all the things that have lived in the dark? Walk through the past and let God shine light into each of those rooms, places, choices, events and traumas? I guess I am open to the possibility of confronting my past. But how to move, unsure. How does such simple conversation between guys, suddenly become so real and moving? I am glad we shared. Connection is good, something more than just smiles and happy. Thankful for him I am. You are loved!

Listening to awesome music and starting my day seems amazing...again. Someday I will learn how to order my thoughts and actually write something of note

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