Saturday, November 14, 2009

Morning time

Slept only six hours last night, but that must be all I needed, because bounced up again at the dawn. I feel pretty good, much better than yesterday. These yawns keep splitting my face, but they feel right somehow. Life has some semblance of order and schedule and I am happy to be needed somewhere.

Coffee this morning and a chance to share some of my life story with an old friend. How will he react to the changes and information I will be sharing? I once was like him and believed nothing. I pray for some wisdom and guidance in sharing what has transpired these last four years. He has been asking some good questions and I am grateful for the time to reach out and offer hope to another wandering guy. It is amazing what we need, when we don't know it.

This is going to be a good weekend and I have no plans. Feels kind of odd I guess to not have each and everyday jam packed with people and events. I guess I will play it by ear and keep an eye on where I go. Oh be careful little hands what you do...

I wonder where I go when I sleep. Dreams are always present, but they don't always make sense to me on the other side of waking. Each morning I have to reboot my brain and remember who and when I am. Is that normal? The fog lifts and reality comes rushing back to the forefront of my head. I hope I live well today. I think after noon some art is in order. The Nelson-Atkins Museum seems to keep calling my name. I shall take myself there!

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